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Here is a conversation I had at the ski area not long ago with a man who works there.

Me: Do you know where human resources is?
Oregonian: Yes.
Me (after long pause): How do I get there from here?
Oregonian: Why do you want to know?
Me: (I am thinking but not saying….Because I want to tell them to give you customer service training!). I need to talk to them for a friend of mine.
Oregonian: But they can’t share any specific info with you about someone else.
Me: Great! Now how do I get there from here?…

Bemused and befuddled.


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Reprieve from the ¡!

I just noticed that I used a bunch of those overly used bangers for my punctuation marks. They are now banned for the next few posts. Here are some Bend photos.






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J’aime is Selling her Jewelry!

These are photos I took at the Eugene Holiday Market in December where my friend J’aime was selling her creative and beautiful jewelry. Oh and the Pad Thai from breakfast was pretty good too. Followed by the Thai eggplant dish at Tasty Thai and of course Sweet Life. Did I mention how much I love this state?






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Vino, Vin….Ahhh Wine

One of my favorite Oregon wineries is Domaine Drouhin located in the Willamette (dammit) Valley. The owner is from Burgundy in that little hectare of the world that grows the greatest barely legal grape (aka pinot noir). I have known about DD since the 2004 Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta DD tasting and winemaker dinner. The Chardonnay on this trip was particularly good. At $30 it better be but hey sometimes you need to drink your food budget.


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¡Deschutes Brewery!

Oh yeah! Great tour, great beer and the best $5.50 cheeeeese burger and fries or salad on Monday Happy Hour Locals’ Nights at their pub in downtown Bend I have ever had (the mash from the beer is fed to the cattle slaughtered for the burger and the yeast is used in the bun and something or other is fed to the cows squeezing out the cheese…how do you like that for a little circle of life and death for our eating pleasure?!). Did I mention how much I love this state?



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Eating in Eugene

As many of you know I LOVE Sweet Life Patisserie in Eugene. So why I don’t have a photo of anything I ever get there is a mystery to me as well. Oh well…here is a photo of a Belgian Liege waffle from Off The Waffle with basil, gouda, ¡bacon!, maple syrup and I am sure a lot of love from the orange haired guy and his brother who started this excellent waffle place.

The next photo is a homemade (cartmade?) veggie burger with beets and mushrooms and most of us think meat because it tastes so good but the cook won’t tell us the secret ingredients. Hmmm! I can’t remember the name of the cart but it’s down the street from Ninkasi Brewery (note…the alcohol level in their beers is very high, hence, thus, therefore everyone seems to be plastered in there.) and is in the parking lot near some dive bar.



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Vegas Baby!

Met a few of my Flagstaff friends in Vegas in December. Great time!






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