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Sepia Plancha

Sepia Plancha is grilled Sepia aka Cuttlefish. When I first tried this I thought it was squid but it turns out Sepia is a mollusk related to squid and octupus. It’s pretty good but needs to be carefully cooked as it can become tough easily and that’s just no good for the diner or the cuttle.

The bottle of Cruz Campo and the sepia cost 6€ or $8.55.

More on cuttlefish here…




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And Smart! I was surprised to come across this Smart car. It’s so sporty looking. First one I have ever seen that looks like this.



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It’s not but sort of looks like I caught it in action doesn’t it?



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Ohhhhh noooooo!

Clean bathrooms, air conditioning and 45 minutes (not an hour) of free wifi. Starbucks *€€. I don’t however ever go to the other fast food establishments one of which is pictured on that kid’s head.

I forgot to mention that I had a grande latte at *€€. It is expensive there. 3.30€ or $4.70 for this drink. There seems to be a pattern of prices in that general range. Also in the U.S. hot and cold drink are 99% of the time served in to go cups. Drink for 5 minutes then into the garbage. Not so here. I like the real mugs.



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Shellfish and Sardines

I am now a huge fan of sardines. I used to think they were disgusting back in the day when my Dad would eat them after cracking open a tin can and seeing how oily they were. Here are some fresh ones. Stay tuned and I will show you a couple of delicacies next week made with sardines and octopus.



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Cafe Bonbom

Not the best representation…


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Eat like a bird

Post spinach pocket was an unknown pastry of lemon, pineapple, pine nut, sticky sweet mixture of kitchen cleaner yuckiness. Did I mention that since I started using lemon shower soap that I have a hard time eating lemon? Guess who liked it though?

I am still going to venture into the unknown of food. There are plenty of pigeons here to help me out with what I won’t eat. I almost forgot to mention that this and the empanada cost 3.40€ or $4.85.




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